My marathon

As many of you may know I ran in the Madison Marathon today.  My overall time was 4 hours and 13 minutes, which I was happy with considering I can barely walk right now.  Here were some of my observations on the run:

  • The first 6 miles were pretty easy, I was going slow and trying to keep cool by dumping water on my head every mile.  Near the end of mile six I saw some girls run behind some trees and they jumped out of their black shorts and showed me that fat ass.  I laughed for two minutes no joke.
  • Mile marker 13.2, or half way:  I was still in good shape and under a four hour pace.  I started pulling landscaping duty around this time.
  • Mile 16:  I saw my parents and sister cheering me on, which was nice.  Mile 16 to mile 17 was straight up hill and that was a real bitch.
  • Mile 20:  My legs just about died and I had to slow down and walk at times.  I looked like that guy in the Boston Marathon when he lost control of his legs.  I felt like an idiot getting passed by 60 year old men. 
  • Mile 24:  I made eye contact with a guy about my age who was a vegan (good news right Mike G? He said he didn’t know you when I asked him).  Oddly enough, his name was Anthony which I found cute.  We then both agreed to run strong together at the end and keep each other going.  At this point I wanted to be dead.
  • The Finish Line:  I managed to run the last 2.2 miles and when I finally made it and was able to stop I realized how much landscaping duty I actually pulled.

I really loved running though and will definitely do it again.

See you guys soon hopefully.



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